Jenny Lynn Designs

The fashion world is always looking for the latest trends in order to spread it to the rest of the world.  Of all the brands that exist, they all try to create their own unique style.
2016 was the year that Jenny Lynn Designs began its journey into the fashion world. We are a small company but we make a big impact in fashion. We are located in Johnson City, Tennessee. We like to keep it small but we are looking into expanding at some time in the future. In order to help better serve our customers around the US, we do sell online with Etsy.   We take customer service seriously and we invest a lot of time into making sure that it is always a quality service. We strive to treat every customer as family.
Everyone at Jenny Lynn Designs work together in order to deliver premium products to our customers. We keep it simple so that our customers can be better served as painlessly as possible. We put a lot of time in the careful design of our products to make sure that besides the fact that they look great, they fit the personality of our customers.
© Copyright 2016 by Jenny Lynn Designs
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